Artist Statement:

I live and work in the north valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico, just a short walk from the fields of a Nature Preserve and the trails and acequias along the Rio Grande.

My current inspiration for works of clay and pastel painting has its roots in awareness of the shape, form, surface and movement of water and its similarity to the flowing lines of the southwestern rocks, desert and canyons as well as memories of distant oceans near where I've lived and travelled.

I continue to be amazed by the similarity of the swell and surge of the land, sky, fire and water -- each moving at their own pace. All of it condensed into a narrow dimensional band that wraps around our planet.

An architect by training, profession and practice, during the past decade I revived my interest in working with pastel and clay. Through college, I studied sculpture, drawing and painting in addition to academics. In 1971 I studied ceramics at a pottery studio in Connecticut, producing and selling functional pieces there and through the 1970's in New Mexico after relocating. I continue to work in porcelain clay, as well as pastel media.

Previous exhibits include 2 shows with the New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair, one with the New Mexico Potters & Clay Artists Assoc. at the Contemporary Clay Fair in Santa Fe as well as exhibiting work in the past at Weyrich Gallery and Gallery One in Albuquerque.
Carolyn Robbins Siegel